ZUMBA shoes?

I just had my first Zumba class and man, was that intense, but I loved every minute of it... Of course, I almost killed myself in my regular sneakers.

PLEASE, what kind of shoes would work. Preferably something reasonably priced, I really don't want to pay $100...

I know that there are a few of you who do Zumba, so I'd appreciate any insight!



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I used dance sneakers (Bloch) the one and only time I did it. Had no problems. Regular sneakers are just begging for a knee problem.
A year of Zumba in regular sneakers has left me STILL with runner's knee a year later. Dance sneakers all the way - they're the only thing with enough support that will still let you pivot without twisting your knees all out of shape.


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I teach zumba as well...depending upon the amount of propulsion you are using, anything from a $40 pair of capezio sneakers (google discount dance dot com)...to a cheap pair of tennis shoes with very little tread, will suffice...but, one should never skimp on the care of their feet...personally, I use my bloch jazz slippers b/c I don't do much propulsion and am more concerned with the lateral movement and my hips, knees and ankles...my fellow instructor uses her tae bo sneakers


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yeah, there was no jazz going on in the class I took. Then again, she forgot her music and I had to give her mine...all of which was 100% latin.

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