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Haven't seen it, nor know what it's all about, but the dance is growing in our area.

Anyone have a clip featuring the dance, so I can see what it looks like?


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I wish I did - I love the music. When I went to NOLA, we went to the Hard Rock cafe and they had the most awesome Zydeco band there. Went and bought myself a CD. Someone here must know because I seem to recall people chatting this subject up.

Ever seen the Big Easy? I think the band that is very briefly featured in that movie is the band I saw, or at least that's what my brain is telling me happened.


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That actually doesn't look too difficult -- although for some reason, I couldn't hear any music with that clip.

There is a zydeco song on the CD I have that you could either cha cha or WCS to. Thought that was kind of neat.
It is not a single count wcs.

The count is more closely related to Balboa although the footwork is a lot more variable.

General way of putting it: step hold step step step hold step step
On the holds you dip into the knee of your weighted foot slightly. (holds are on different places in Bal and you're not dipping the knew)
Not debating someone who I'm very sure knows better than me, but when I did zydeco my one time ten years ago :roll: they said to step on the left toe on 1 and 3 and step normally on the right foot on 2 and 4, and then a rock back on 5 and 6. Then some guy said to just bend my knee on the 2 and 4. :lol:

A lot of them were doing ECS moves.
From another thread. I think this is what we were taught. Again I have no clue if the teachers were authoritative or not. Or maybe they were dumbing it down for us mere plebes.

tacad said:
Maybe it was
1 up on toes of left foot,
2 step on right foot
3 up on toes of left foot
4 step on right foot
5 rock back with left
6 step on right foot which hasn't moved.

Again this could be way off. Whatever it was I did, it was ten years ago and only twice. And I am sure that I cheated and did not go up on my toes on the left foot but rather bent my right knee on counts 2 and 4.
I forgot to say that the counts 1-6 above are the beats of the music. They are all evenly spaced.


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It is slow, quick, quick. Down South where it is hot and steamy you don't do too much of those ECS and other moves. It's all about being groovy. Posture is similar to perching on a bar stool. You dance into the ground... Dancing side to side is a hal mark of a beginner..like bachata.


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Those are great clips mellody! 8)

I have to ask, are there any studios that are into Zydeco? I haven't seen it offered at any myself.

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