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Description: Photo by: Andrew Carpenter
Date Added: March 09, 2009 04:01:02 AM
Published by: Standarddancer  [More photos from Standarddancer]
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elisedance:March 09, 2009 5:33
Wow! You look gorgeous - (just have to photoshop out those two heads that you are resting on :p)

Standarddancer:March 16, 2009 13:11
thanks ee, haven't learned how to photoshop;) I only know how to crop and upload;)

elisedance:March 17, 2009 0:58
I think you could improve it quite a lot if you just darken it a bit and increase the contrast - thats because the people behind are slightly darker.

Let me test it using the low res picture here...
It improved it a bit but not a lot.. the woman on the left is a bit contrasty herself ;)

elisedance:March 17, 2009 1:12
OK, I tried on photoshop - I'll upload it in my area (c'mon over ;)


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