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maryland 09 develope' fasc

Date Added: March 13, 2009 09:01:42 PM
Published by: fascination  [More photos from fascination]
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cornutt:March 17, 2009 12:47
Wow, Fasc, you really do a heck of a develope. And I'm jealous of your partner. Such ease and grace. I must study that.

fascination:March 17, 2009 13:01
I am trying to tell myself that the reason he looks so good is that I was balanced and holding my own weight :)...I have asked him not to burst my bubble if it is otherwise...I am thinking that this might actually be after the kick more toward coming out of it than going into it but I can't tell...thanks for the compliment though

cornutt:March 17, 2009 16:08
It looks quite good to me. You must be well balanced because he isn't leaning back to offset -- if you are actually coming out of it at this point, double kudos because he isn't having to pull you up. I notice that his standing leg is quite a bit closer to your standing leg than I usually get... hmm, must try that.

fascination:March 17, 2009 18:07
well...he's got skills...but I am certain you are up to it ;)


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