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    Holland America does not have ballroom dancing

    Thanks, bocelli, for the info. I had no idea that i was not supposed to be dancing to jazz music, me being a ballroom dancer and all. I'll make sure to stop that today.
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    Holland America does not have ballroom dancing

    "the black people"... really? :(
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    Annoyed at influx of newbie couples to the dance scene

    Many dance communities thrive and expect couples to only dance with each other - competitive dance for example, or performance. Why does it bother you that they are out enjoying dance 'their way'?
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    USA Dance Annoucement

    Once again the entire executive Council of this organization is populated by people who’ve been appointed by each other, there are no elected officials in the leadership.
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    West Coast Swing 1960s

    Bobby Burgess? He was a Mouseketeer in the US, on TV in the mid 50s - born 1941. I think u are thinking of the OTHER Mr. Burgess. BUT both are awesome dancers...
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    Tips for New Instructor?

    late 1970s. This show was for many years one of the few places on tv where you could see partner dancing, btw. Great music, too....
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    How do I encourage a follow to give honest feedback?

    In a social setting, if the responder (follower) does something unexpected, either 1. your lead was incorrect and your lead was misinterpreted 2. your lead was correct and your lead was misinterpreted 3. your lead was correct and your lead was ignored 4. your lead was incorrect and your lead...
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    Which Certification Organization Is Best?

    why does the throwaway oversway in silver signify an out of date syllabus? Asking for a friend lol. Actually, asking for ME.
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    Cheapest private lessons in Europe?

    I'm confused - you are looking for the 'cheapest' but have money to travel anywhere in Europe to get them? Why not look for the BEST lessons? They will be much cheaper in the long run - and you might be surprised that the best costs less than you think. Quality is not based on price....
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    Ballet Training vs Ballroom Training

    I think ballroom about 90 years? Alex Moore book came out in late 20s?... that's quite a long time lol
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    Master private class?

    Do any teachers ever do this? Sounds like you are looking for a friend, not a teacher..."For xxx I appraise you at an event one day, spend time on coffee and conversation next day, spend time on a break, and then a finalizing talk? I know of no teachers who see lessons this way. Every...
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    Single ladies Beyoncé dance

    Take lessons with a dance teacher....
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    Dance Instructor Training Offering

    I would suggest that you find out what the 'certification' requires, what it means in your chain studio, and also find out what it means outside of your studio 'bubble'. But first, signing up for years of study for a certification that you know nothing about tells me you need to probe deeper...
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    Dance Instructor Training Offering

    What certification are you studying for?
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    Dance Instructor Training Offering

    A studio that asked you to become a teacher in their chain and then lets you only commit to one hour a week of training speaks volumes about how they view their students. I would run like crazy from a studio that would put 'teachers' with this little training in front of the students and charge...