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    I want to buy my first tango shoes

    Vidadance shoes Personally I hardly dance in anything except my Vidadance aka my "Venney shoes". Great stability good fit and I think they look great in all but the most formal of situations. I've tried Darcos shoes as well and find them plasticky very liable to scuff and not at all...
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    Twelve Minutes of Love

    Is the book itself any good? It's my current bedtime "recommended reading" :)
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    What comes after tango?

    lol ... well I must admit I'm not much on the board at the moment ... a little bit bored with tango and a lot more interested in life outside. I still dance from time to time but more for the social side than the dancing. Tango is all about feeling and contact. So much that I miss the...
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    iTango app

    Just got an invitation to this iTunes app : It's from Andres Amarilla and Meredith Klein. Has anyone tried this? I've always been impressed by Andres' mastery of nuevo vocabulary so it might be worth a go. Anyway any reports welcome...
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    Instead of tango I've been....

    I've been obsessed with the IPL Cricket....
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    anyone know what this song is?

    Cambridge? Good then?
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    I'm sorry...

    No no I feel the urge to take up ...... yodelling!
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    Dancing to the music

    Know that feeling. Whining feels good short term, but there comes a time when you have to give it up and do something about it. Good for you. Never give up never surrender :p
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    Dancing to the music

    Why dont we have a Like button on the forum?! Anyway :) @OD haha - yes just because you're in your 70s or 80s at a BsAs milonga it doesnt mean that you are a dance God ..
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    Dancing to the music

    I agree with all of this to a point. For me the interesting thing is how milongueros have stripped down their dancing to the bare essentials. Any intermediate/advanced dancer will be dancing to the music. But they are almost always being too "busy". Milongueros know how to make more of less and...
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    Favourite Milonga

    Is that a blank square I see before me?
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    Discipline and Patience

    Well as far as DB is concerned, "there lie dragons" :rolleyes:
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    UK Tango weekenders in 2011?

    Did you (or anyone else) go to this? How was it?
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    Discipline and Patience

    Nah, carry on. I'm constantly amazed by what you ladies put up with anyway :cool:
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    Discipline and Patience

    well of course I cant dance properly anyway - I'm not an Argentine :p