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    Teaching Ballroom on a Cruise Ship?

    Is it just for one cruise or multiple cruises? Usually, for a one time thing, your pay is the cruise. You will have to teach a couple of classes and may be required to attend certain functions, but otherwise you're on your own to enjoy the cruise. For multiple sailings, I'm haven't heard how...
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    Modern Samba Songs

    I did a nice lazy samba to 'The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars. Our costumes consisted of pajamas.:cool: There are also some country songs that you could dance a nice samba too. A recent one is "Something I'm Good At" by Brett Eldredge.
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    DWTS Season 25

    I was pretty happy with all three finalists this time. I expected both Jordan and Lindsey to do well and Frankie was a very pleasant surprise this season. I am happy for Lindsay for getting her first mirror ball.
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    What justifies the high spending cost for learning to dance to you?

    I have found that people generally find the money to do what they want to do. When someone says they can't afford something, it usually means that they would rather spend the money on something else they like. And there is nothing wrong with having different interests, just be honest with...
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    Help, please! From a dance-loving wife with a dance-phobic spouse. . .

    Also, to be fair, even if the instructor does include technique with the steps, beginning students are simply overwhelmed with the amount of information. The first time through, most students are simply concerned with "Where do I step next?" and, again to be fair, just retain much more than...
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    DWTS Season 25

    And, of course, they did it this week!!!!:mad::punch:
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    DWTS Season 25

    That always grates on my nerves!!!!!:mad:
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    Ballroom Dancing Scene vs. Bar & Club Scene

    I'll often say to people who make some comment about having to drink to dance: One drink may loosen you up , but after that you just start getting sloppy, although you'll think you're doing big things.:dancingbanana:
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    Beyond Dance Ability: 10 More Skills You Need to Be a Good Dance Teacher

    I have found that I'm not really good at teaching a group class. I just don't do well presenting things in front of groups, no matter what the subject matter. however, I have found I'm fairly good with individual coaching, especially answering questions and demonstrating something.
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    Help, please! From a dance-loving wife with a dance-phobic spouse. . .

    Also, realize that if something goes wrong with a lead, the lead will already know it and doesn't need you pointing it out. That's one of my pet peeves.
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    DWTS Season 25

    I'm really starting to like Frankie. Is he the best dancer - no. However, it seems he is putting the work in, he really seems to be enjoying himself, and he is very likeable. That will help him considerably with the voters.
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    What are the 5 top reasons that make a man ask a woman to dance? Beauty comes first?

    It's important to remember that the pretty young thing might get asked first, but if she doesn't have anything else going for her she won't be asked again by the same gent.
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    DWTS Season 25

    You have to remember that the vast majority of viewers have no clue what defines each dance, so I doubt that affects the ratings much. I might irritate the dancers who watch the show, but they are just a small sliver of viewers.
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    DWTS Season 25

    I've only recently become familiar with Lindsey Stirling and I really like her music. I'm considering some of her stuff for future choreography.:cool: She has done some dancing with Derek Hough in one of her videos, as well as doing choreography in other videos, so she's not completely new to...
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    DWTS Season 25

    Here's the lineup: Drew Scott with Emma Slater Sasha Pieterse and Gleb Savchenko Barbara Corcoran and Keo Motsepe Derek Fisher and Sharna Burgess Victoria Arlen and Val Chmerkovskiy Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev Terrell Owens and Cheryl Burke Frankie Muniz...