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    Bully Studio Owner... HELP!

    I am a lawyer. Non-compete clauses are tricky things. Their enforceability varies from state to state. Most states require that they be reasonable in time, area, and scope. What's "reasonable" is very hard to say. Also, there is the question of whether a non-compete clause can stand on its...
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    DWTS season 19

    Several seasons ago, the pros became the stars on this show. As a result, the producers look for dancers that the audience might know and connect with when finding new pros. So they turn more and more frequently to So You Think You Can Dance. Also, as the show has progressed, the routines...
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    DWTS season 19

    Funny that you are upset about Alfonso. Lea Thompson danced with American Ballet Theatre and a few other ballet companies before deciding to be an actress. It's reality TV. That means it has nothing to do with a real competition.
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    Six people gone and four of them are ballroom dancers. Why don't they just have a contemporary dance competition since that's what people want to see? Also, did anyone else notice that the Nina Simone "I Put a Spell on You" was in 12/8 shuffle time, and probably more appropriate for Viennese...
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    Not so interesting to see how far Malene got. They put 6 ballroom/latin dancers in the top 20, and America voted four of them into the bottom 6, including the two that got eliminated. Once again, its pretty clear that America doesn't like ballroom dance very much.
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    Best Ballroom Dance Movies

    Not mentioned here is "Tango" by Carol Saura. It's Argentine Tango and not ballroom. It's packed with dancing, and the entire movie works as a drawn out tango.
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    Dancing With the Stars Season 18

    It's the new Dancing with the Stars people. So what if she's got a good frame and a decent jive. How's her contemporary? hip-hop? bollywood? Billy Dee Williams was great as Gale Sayers in the made for TV movie "Brian's Song", which also starred James Caan.
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    So You Think You Can Dance Season 10

    Nigel said that last night because Jenna is a ballroom dancer, and actually could have performed a cha cha at a high level. Or course, that kind of choreography would have exposed her partner even more and he would have definitely faced elimination. (Now its only probably). So, should the...
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    So You Think You Can Dance Season 9

    The producers and judges get to see the voting numbers. If Cyrus was getting the most votes, then there was no incentive for them to tank him. Doing that would risk antagonizing his loyal viewers. And yes, his technique for several types of dance was much worse than the others. But their...
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    So You Think You Can Dance Season 9

    The audience is definitely trying to get rid of the ballroomers, but so far the judges continue to back them. The guy got kicked off immediately. Whitney was saved once, and Lindsey has not been saved two weeks in a row. I tend to agree that the judges made the right choices last night, but...
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    Dancing With the Stars All-Star Edition Coming Next Season to ABC!

    Somehow, I don't think the folks at Disney are thinking: "Let's put together a bunch of people who had no fan support." More likely, if they are still under contract, we're likely to get a whole bunch of Disney Network brats. The truly embarrassing thing for the show will be how obvious it...
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    Arthur Murray, Leading, Big Self Questions!

    The cost for that kind of event sounds about the same as at the other big chain studio, where I used to take lessons. And there too, the instructors always seemed a bit befuddled about the idea that cost might be an obstacle or even a consideration. You have already attended these events, so...
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    What is "muscle memory" and how it is so important in ballroom dancing

    I'm more familiar with muscle memory from the standpoint of a performing musician. When playing music, there are several different kinds of memory that might all come into play at once. These include visual memory, oral memory, structural memory (or analytic memory), muscle memory, etc...
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    Dancing with the Stars Season 13 Fall Cast

    She was overscored across the board. I would have ranked her third among the Argentinian tangos. I preferred both JR and Rob's to hers. There simply wasn't much of anything that is characteristic of AT in that dance. Like lots of Derek's stuff, it was one pose after another, with very little...
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    Dancing with the Stars Season 13 Fall Cast

    I take everything they show offstage with a grain of salt. All you are seeing is what the producers want you to see, and the producers are telling a story. In this story, Maks is the bad guy, and they are playing it up. The stuff we are seeing might be genuine. It might be genuine, but...