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    Modern mambo songs

    Can't think of one offhand, but there are plenty of songs you can mix samba, salsa, cha cha, rumba, mambo, etc. no matter what anybody says. It's about musicality, not competition rules or what's written in encyclopedias about this or that dance and what makes it authentic or not. It's not...
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    Quality of social dancing in different regions

    Haven't been around enough, but I imagine the bigger cities would have more venues for social dancing. If its a smaller city, there's probably a really good dance studio in the area.
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    Showcase with a different instructor?

    In showcases or spotlights, there are no politics. It's you, your instructor/s, and the audience. Still a little pressure in bringing out your best performance, but there is no winning or losing. You still have the benefit of working towards a goal...realizing it, and reaping all of the benefits...
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    A question of ethics??

    Trust me. The professionals always know when they're crossing the line
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    Sleeveless Jacket Vest Thingy

    I agree with stash. Women aren't limited to only wearing black or white. Why should the guys be limited? As long s he still looks like the man, it'd be nice to have a little creative freedom. On another note, a guy with a big belly or a guy who doesn't keep his abs toned should dancing...
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    What is syncopation, anyway?

    Was thinking same thing as related to steps over beats. Using waltz as an example, the typical chasse' is 12&3(slow fast fast slow). Wherever you put the & takes away half the value of what precedes it. So you could also use these timings for a chasse'...1&23(fast fast slow slow) or 123&(slow...
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    A lack of masculine competition attire in Latin ballroom?

    Didn't read every post...just first page and this one, but from bailamosdance's comment, I would guess she makes costumes with that fiery snap back at the lord lol
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    Showcase with a different instructor?

    I'm an instructor. You are the customer. I'm sure they'll want to do whatever makes you happiest and helps to progress your dancing as well as challenge you. We're all human. Of course it's a little disappointing when someone wants to dance with someone else than you. As someone said earlier...
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    A question of ethics??

    Sounds like a bad apple, and you know where that leads. If this woman needs to go to this instructor, because she's not satisfied, that's one thing. It's seems pretty selfish of her to Recruit other people to help pay for her choices. IMO she is undermining the trust of the studio. As a...
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    Foxtrot Basic Question

    Like this answer! Sagitta, you should be able to lead anything you want --bronze, silver, things you make up, etc --the best social dancers do They also dance according to their partners abilities. Transferring the message to your partner of what you're doing is where it seems your having...
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    Sleeveless Jacket Vest Thingy

    Funny sometimes what the hard line rules focus on sometimes. It's all in the wording. Some of you think it's a jacket without the sleeves, others, including me, have always looked at it like a vest with lapels, or pockets, or double breasted, etc. I've never owned a jacket without sleeves...
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    gratitude thread

    I'm grateful for having met fascination at the Heritage Classic. She danced very well with her instructor Rauno. I'm also grateful for having students attend so I could actually go to my favorite competition. :)
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    We don't understand the importance of the music?

    Beat is very important, but when you see a couple dancing with the same energy, expression, and feeling....let's say in cha cha, yet the songs each time vary with their style, speed, and tone, I would say they weren't very musical. They'd be on time technically, but artistically, in my opinion...
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    Five Letter Game

    Even A Snake Yearns Sunshine SNAKE
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    Word Association