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    Dance Doldrums

    Not counting the occasional cha-cha-basic-while-brushing-my teeth and the like, it's been over six months now since I've danced. At all. I keep identifying dances or workshops I should go to ... and then finding excuses to not go. As much as I'm appreciating the appreciation of my bank...
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    New NDCA Bronze and Silver rules

    I think that's the intention of making everyone start in frame and dance the first X bars in hold. For that portion of the dance, at least, violators should be really obvious. (I offer no opinions as to whether or not that's a good thing.)
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    American Ballroom Shadow Position

    I generally try to avoid shadow position when dancing socially. I was spoiled dancing with a tall instructor for years, and I found the odds of misplacing my right hand on the transition into shadow during one-off dances with shorter partners was unacceptably high. While I like to think that...
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    2018 Forum Inprovements

    Generally speaking, I hate change. I've been silently steaming for something like a month now that my local grocery store has rearranged everything. But this forum upgrade? This I rather like. Good show!
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    Nashville Starz 2018 - Roll Call

    I may come up to spectate, but I won't be participating. I never really took part in some of the more unique parts of the competition like the country western BBQ, so I think the only note I can offer is that the pro smooth fields tend to be pretty fabulous and totally worth the price of the...
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    Second style conundrum

    I have no doubt that you'd kick butt immediately at smooth. But I'm also of the opinion that doing what you're most passionate about makes sense. Out of curiosity, is part of the virtue of adding the second style the hope that the extra exposure (particularly as you do more comps in the US)...
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    Intimidated by people watching me practice

    I don't think there's any real answer beyond repetition. Do it often enough and the other people will eventually fade into the background. Ok, one tip - if you don't already have a pair of wireless headphones, consider buying one. They may help you shut out the rest of the world.
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    Ladies: What do you think of guys who start dancing for better dating prospects?

    Eh, I agree to an extent, but it still makes sense to make a point of finding at least some activities that involve other people. Before I found dance, it was far too common for me to stare at a computer at work, stare at a computer at home (or sometimes curl up with a book), sleep, repeat. It...
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    Experience at Arthur Murray and Questions about Indie Studios in DC

    That's going to be a very personal decision. You'll certainly progress faster with regular private lessons, but I believe that starting with mostly group classes and socials is a perfectly viable route to take. When I was starting, I signed up for my studio's unlimited-group-class-plus-socials...
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    Small Competitions - What is the Value?

    It is, in fairness, actually a very nice floor. :)
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    Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3

    I used to be a hipster, back before it was cool. :p
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    Small Competitions - What is the Value?

    I had them for silver smooth a few years back. That's at least syllabus, but silver smooth is fairly serious bidness these days. The funny thing was, I did a better job with my navigation on the split floors than I did in the scholarship later that day. My instructor was bemused and baffled...
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    Small Competitions - What is the Value?

    They'll divide the floor in half and some events will dance on "ballroom A" and others on "ballroom B". Each side will get their own set of judges.
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    Whining Thread #2

    Y'all are sweet. Alas, the lottery stubbornly refuses to be won by me, and I still have that albatross of a house. Still, getting that house into shape is high on the list of things I'm trying to take care of while I'm on break. Maybe there's a visible future where I'd be able to sell it...
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    Uncontested heats - how to be sure there will be competition at the competition

    I think pretty much every multi-day competition has age groups for their scholarships these days. They're not divvied up to the extent of the single dance events, but A/B/Sr or A/B/C/Sr seem to be the most common options. 9-/10-dance and gentlemen's events are exceptions. Particularly in the...