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    Form a new word by changing one letter

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    coupons and other money saving activities

    "Cut the Cable" I only pay for broadband internet. I spend more time with Netflix and Amazon Prime video anyway, so it just made sense to get a Fire Stick and go with that. Not paying for a house line and cable saves a ton of money on my bill every month.
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    Dress Colour Combinations

    Jade Green & Blush Pink I think would be the most complementary two. If you're going for a triad look... Jade Green, Purple Lycra, and Mushroom Lycra... but that might be a bit daring. 3 color dress combos can look a bit too "busy" if not done right.
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    exposing too much when dancing

    I dance International Latin... the costumes are incredibly skimpy. I wear dance briefs to avoid this if the dress is not a bodysuit. Maybe they were flesh toned? Camera effect on them can make things worse than they actually were. It's difficult to tell without seeing the video.
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    Continuing your education

    I've reached the top education of the field I'm in, and there really isn't much further for me to go in it. What I do to maintain that is to dedicate at least a handful of hours to keep up on scientific & business journals to ensure I can provide my clients with the highest level of service -...
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    Annoyed at influx of newbie couples to the dance scene

    It is pretty much a complaint - and I thought this was more about the social dance scene outside of a studio as that is what it sounds like. Remember that the studio is like an incubator to the real world. You can't expect everyone to behave like they would at a studio social in say a salsa club...
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    Things you never want to hear again

    It's really a flavor of the month thing that was used to push various events to students - basically sales pitches. Obviously the more intelligent students would pick up on it right away though and just more or less roll their eyes. It all depended on the event... and usually paired with some...
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    Things you never want to hear again

    Bingo. ;)
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    Partner tryout/first lesson

    Have coffee or a light snack after to discuss direction & goals outside of the studio. People are more prone to be less honest in front of more people they want to impress.
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    Things you never want to hear again

    I have pretty much the same sentiments about showcases. It's really just the studio favorites & friends that get most of the cheers anyway. Independents? It's much less worth it. I have to say the only thing I'm sick of hearing as far as dance studios go were my time spent in a particular...