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    Need names for Viennese waltz figures of Ferrugia

    Hi tyner, in tango these figures are named 7) linear front boleo 8) quebrada
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    Looking for social dancing videos

    Simply type #MILONGUEROS and find examples of best practice
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    Looking for social dancing videos

    There is a guy at 4:01 with really tiny moves that should inspire you!
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    Looking for social dancing videos

    Someday, it is nearly impossible to find examples of good social dancing on YT only looking for performance vids of known teachers, as you did. That only will corrupt you. Simply seach for those known milongas, events, and encuentros where us good dancers usually meet. Please do not! Simply...
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    Annoyed at influx of newbie couples to the dance scene

    Sounds as if you have long profited from the gender imbalance? I would not call that socially dancing, VronskyWSV. Socials at a dance school are a protected playing field, but not the pista in the wild.
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    How do you answer this question?

    And as a guest, I always feel obligated to dance the first dance with the organizer..
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    How do you answer this question?

    Often, that´s my sentence, too! ;)
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    How do you answer this question?

    I fear a milonga isn´t a pista in the wild anymore. Milongas today resemble rather a kitchen party where everyone knows each other, had already danced with each other, knows secrets of other, and and..
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    What do you expect from the men you dance with?

    There are at least six different spellings around. In didactics, I stick to Naveira. So I regard the ocho a figure. For Pugliese the echo still was a basic element. It always depends on the system, school, mindset, paradigm. There are different tangos around.
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    What do you expect from the men you dance with?

    yes Ochos in tango usually are lead in simple time, but in milonga in double time. So the lead in milonga actually must (!) be much more energetic. Milonga is a different dance. It got nothing to do with tango.
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    How do you answer this question?

    Only a similar story. Years ago a lady asked me, why I never would asked her to dance. She was/is a well know and respected member of our dance community (and I think, you've already danced with her, too). This lady always danced in extreme tight hold and with a lot of lean. I answered, due to...
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    How long to wait before asking follower again?

    To be quite honest about it, now you are labelled as a weak leader. But everyone started this way. So in the end it isn't important. Leading isn't everything in tango. Don't start ignoring her, start a conversation, instead. Some women like to talk to entertaining men. Some prefer a good...
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    What to do about gender imbalance

    Hi Numawan, swapping roles is a good thing, but you cannot draw any benefit from that for the leading role. I dance both roles and they are totally separated in my brain. In the golden age students had to learn the following role first, but only due to the lack of women.
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    Interesting pivots instructional video

    I wonder why the terminology actually is so different: For tango dancers, a pivot simply is a swivel in (more or less) closed position.