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    Salsa in Madrid??

    hey people.. been a long time since i posted.. hope all is well so.. if any one here has salsa experience in Madrid.. i should be there on a teusday and wednesday.. any clubs (+ area they r in) happening on those days that u'd recommend with nice atmosphere and good dancing? thanks
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    Looking at cleavage

    exactly.. nicely put too SD.. i mean, if i hadn't .. u'd know that there's some thing really off with the universe
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    How do you avoid dancing with someone too much?

    nice thing about salsa.. one could dance with up to like three ladies at the same time .. if only that works for bachata too.. hmm
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    Looking at cleavage

    naturally.. where else?
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    My Magnificent Feeling

    t-shirt .. cut and flimsy.. probably see thru.. but still manly.. its getting into winter u know..
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    My Magnificent Feeling

    i'm awed cause all u guys are awed .. new t-shirt print idea .. ''i'll awe u, if u shock me''
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    Looking at cleavage

    lol.. hey.. stop winking at me just thinking about me eh? hmm.. lucky me ;)
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    Looking at cleavage

    i check in after a year and find u guys still on this thread .. excellent.. lol
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    Interesting Congressos Coming Up / Travel Related

    nice.. i look fwd to Japan but next year .. also Sydney and LA .. man.. so many congresses and many of them scheduled too close to each other making it difficult to choose.. this year i'll prob'ly keep it close geographically .. so short term, i think i'll go for Romania, and Hungary then...
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    Interesting Congressos Coming Up / Travel Related

    Ok .. so these salsa congresses/festivals may be interesting for those who like combining travel tourism and salsa.. Romania congress in Bucharest Sept. 4-8 2008 Greek congress in Loutraki (1hr from Athens) Oct. 3-5 Hungary congress in Budapest Nov. 7-9 Dubai congress in Dubai Jan. 22-24...
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    Turkey Salsa Festival -- June 20-22

    Hey amig@s .. what up any one here goin to this event by chance..? any salser@s from Turkey on here? would appreciate some references if so.. :)
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    Movies that Make You Want to Dance!!

    sure.. they vary in style .. eg. of ones i remember: Saturday Night Fever Break Dance 1 & 2 Dirty Dancing 1 Salsa (the one with the guy with the hair) Dance With Me The Tango Lesson You Got Served
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    Clothes that make you want to dance

    what i wear does not really make me wana dance more or less .. but what the lady is wearing definitely could/would .. i guess any combo of light/sexy/comfy/passionate color would hit the sweet spot ... i like to see colorful fitting summer dresses alot..
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    Sensual or Explosive - how do you like your Salsa?

    and whatever it is it gotta be smoooooooooth ..
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    What else can salsa borrow from the Dancesport world?

    a few 'Larindas' would be nice! :)