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    Please take a look at my facebook application

    Hiya Dance Forums, It's been a while... I've spent a little time building a Facebook application for dancers, it's not quite ready yet, but I would like to get some suggestions from dancers about the content. Assuming you have a facebook account, you can install the app at...
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    Yes, Ran still runs them, but we lost the Law Courts, which was an awesome place. Empire landmark is pretty good on Fridays, but it is a smaller place. End Cafe on Sat for cuban dancers and the Howard Johnson for more dancers... There is a xmas event on dec 14 to check out...
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    End Cafe on Broadway and Commercial is awesome for live Cuban bands, Atlantis on Tues is always a good time... Yup, is the place to go
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    One dance partner all night?

    And you can get absolutely silly with one partner, try out different things that you would not normally do in a whirlwind of multiple "dance-friends".
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    One dance partner all night?

    On behalf of Sabor and diputs: Hey babay, how're you doing?
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    Salsa Class Syllabus

    Forgot to mention that this is a long term thing, so not necessarily looking for one-off advice, but rather about how to build up the series of lessons so that they can feel comfortable and advance. Tips? Exercises? Fun Silly Activities?
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    Salsa Class Syllabus

    Let's say that you had to teach an informal salsa class to people that are mostly beginners who would like to be exposed to all aspects of the dance )( dips, musicality, LA Style, Rueda, technique, shines, leading and following, etc ), what would you teach? How would you put it together? Do...
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    One dance partner all night?

    I don't think that you necessarily need to be in a romantic relationship with the person you are dancing all night. I used to take a friend to a Cuban bar and dance with her exclusively, as the other patrons did the same with the people they brought in. That said, sometimes dance level does...
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    How do you say DIP in Spanish?

    Can't translate the word, any ideas ( It's not immersion, that means to dip into water ).
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    Vancouver B.C., San Francisco, and Atlanta

    I would add Atlantis on Tuesdays. I'm not a big fan of the Hot Jazz Club, as it is not as nice a venue as Law Courts or Atlantis, but it is where the dancers go.
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    Cuban Salsa Recommendations
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    Yoga For Dancers - Free Podcast

    Check out the following free podcast from ( there are also a bunch of other sets in their website - including yoga for stress, fun, fertility and ... pms. ) Episode 34 : Yoga for dancers In iTunes -...
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    Another question for the males - Why did you start dance?

    I like this better, 4) you really actually want to learn to dance to be able to meet better women
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    Mana - El Rey Tiburon

    Mana, probably one of the most popular pop Mexican bands, is about to release album #9 - Amar es Combatir. You can already find it in some of the p2p sites. For all of you who don't know them, they're Mexico's version of the Police / Rolling Stones. They were the original authors of many...
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    My Eyes Are Up Here

    Well, there is always this picture on the internet ( ) --- don't look at it at work, of course... THIS IS THE BREAST THREAD EVER!