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    Dance Doldrums

    I'm tired of the dance doldrums. I'm at a comp now - literally hanging out in the warm-up room while my roommate takes a nap - not dancing. I came to support a friend, to see how I would feel about being around and not being out on the floor and maybe do some research on whether there's a...
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    exposing too much when dancing

    Yes. Our competition and show dresses usually have built-in bodysuits or leotards - and we're usually wearing undergarments and tights. When the dress is built on a nude bodysuit, from afar it may look like nothing... but all the essential bits are covered by 2-3 layers. I tend to prefer...
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    winter olympics 2018

    I find that the Livestream feeds have little to no 'human interest' stuff... just sports. Plus, they show the earlier heats, etc. where the athletes are not just the household names, but do it for the love of sport. If I have to watch the TV feed, I prefer the Cdn over the US, and the French...
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    Dress Colour Combinations

    Pink and green is one of my faves.
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    What I Learned At My Last Comp

    I've come across that a few times. I usually pack long-sleeved and long-pant dark pjs to wear, and you can cover the pillowcase with a t-shirt. That, plus patting (rather than rubbing) dry post-shower tends to work. I've also traveled with a dark double sheet that I fold and use like a...
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    How you know you're ready to start competing at the next level?

    When your coach says you're ready.
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    Standard Lady: where does she look?

    I agree with Larinda - diagonally left, and as far up as you need to maintain your line. (Looking down will drop your chin, which is... not pretty.) Exactly how far left and up varies... for example, as I have a fairly strong upper spinal curve in my 'neutral' position, my chin is in line with...
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    You can also be clear about what you want. I have a clearly expressed 'rule' with pro: In competition if I do something weird or make an error, compensate away. In lessons, DON'T HELP, because if you help, I'll never learn. (Note: this rule came in when I reached roughly solid-strong gold...
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    Things you never want to hear again

    ^Good note? Ok, if they're trying to remind you to stretch up to your full height and that's an image that works for you, but if they're referring to your height and indicating that it's somehow wrong... well, that's just rude. You can't change genetics! (The teacher early in my dance career...
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    Today's gem from pro: "That was really, really not bad." :rofl: My best contribution: "Ugh (sound of air being forced out of my lungs)! FF doesn't bend that way!"
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    Connection in standard dances

    I agree that both are correct. It depends on the partnership. Personally, I use a high connection (lower to mid ribcage only). I only move to a lower one when creating a big shape in a pose... trying to use it the rest of the time, I feel stuck and like I have no space. If I had a partner...
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    Sprucing up my Standard gown - sewing questions!

    Anything from the bottom to the top of the ankle is "traditional". For me that means 8-12cm WOS, but everyone's different. Tea-length or mid-calf is around lately too, usually in a less full or tulle skirt. I find that it generally suits younger dancers, or adults with exceedingly good...
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    What justifies the high spending cost for learning to dance to you?

    Lately I've been using the 'will this make me happy enough to make me feel good about spending this amount of $$?" as the threshold. "Great opportunity" or not, if it doesn't make me happy - or worse, makes me miserable - I'm not going.
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    What justifies the high spending cost for learning to dance to you?

    I've been there for almost a year. I feel like we should form a support group.
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    And that's why they're so fun... and why I get so angry at statements like uninformed and dismissive statements like "You don't need to know the steps. You just follow."