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    Need names for Viennese waltz figures of Ferrugia

    I've heard hairpin referred to as a syncopated curved feather, but that's easy to confuse with syncopated curved feather starting with the man going forward. So, yeah, it can be described a lot of ways, I like to think of it as heel pull and last two steps of curved feather, as that's what I'm...
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    Need names for Viennese waltz figures of Ferrugia

    I'll take a stab overspin, hover corte, same foot lunge with shape change and zigzag exit, continuous hairpins, outside swivel, develope, last step of fall away whisk, cross hesitation Canter and balance rhythms (and hold) used as needed (and not enough for my taste)... Canter rhythm is...
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    exposing too much when dancing

    I haven't seen this happen all that much, but my brain tends to filter out irrelevant data without telling me.
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    How you know you're ready to start competing at the next level?

    somewhere around 1-10 years per syllabus level, depending on whether you're dancing 1 hr per style a week, or 10 hrs per style a week, and a few dozen other factors...:cool:
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    Standard Lady: where does she look?

    I'm a gentleman, but for what it's worth... If I look up (in any direction), from a distance (like a judge looking at me across the floor) my eyes look like they are rolled back in my head, it's freaky. If I keep my eyes neutral, it looks like I'm looking up. If I look down, it looks like my...
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    Silver standard Routine (attached)

    Yup. I wouldn't try a 1/2 turn on hover telemark.
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    Silver standard Routine (attached)

    I stated the tools before, but here, I'll do the legwork too (caveat, I may be breaking some precede/follow rules, as the only natural figure allowed from CoD by the book is Natural Weave)... Change of Direction or Natural Turn (both ending DW of new LoD) to Natural Turn or Natural Telemark or...
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    Silver standard Routine (attached)

    Hmm, yeah I assumed since DM wrote this for a student it was NDCA, but WDSF syllabus has a few more steps and variations that can be used.
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    Silver standard Routine (attached)

    Yeah, I too, prefer to dance on phrase, but written timing for change of direction is SSS. There are other steps that put you off phrase, you can combine such steps to get back on phrase (like Change of Direction to Natural Telemark). Your other tools for getting back on phrase are Natural Turn...
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    Silver standard Routine (attached)

    Thanks for sharing. I don't know how you are going from a back feather to a reverse turn checked. Maybe you are missing a feather finish in between the two. Change of direction is technically 3 slows (4 allowed in some environments), curved feather to back feather is gold, chasse to right and...
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    New NDCA Bronze and Silver rules

    Lol, I thought about tango when read it, but you're right, hopefully they clean that wording up, or everyone's going to be breaking that rule. I don't mind the change. But I do wish they would pick a rule (preferably an enforceable one), stick with it, and invigilate it.
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    Mirko Waltz Japan 2008 video questions

    I'll take a stab... 0:36 - back check & natural pivot 1:15 - no clue 1:17 - big top 1:19 - fallaway reverse 2:11 - side lock 2:13 - bounce fallaway
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    Dance Studio Solo Showcase $200 Fee?

    It's pretty normal. You're not only paying for food, but for the time the instructors have to be there, and the time the studio is in use. Imagine how much they might charge for renting out the studio for a 3-4 hr private event, and that's basically the amount they want to recoup from a 3-4 hr...
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    waltz whisk vs foxtrot back feather

    Hmm, from this and previous posts, I thought OP was a leader... I can see some similarity for the follow, in terms of rise if we ignore the foot swivel and small amount of rotation.
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    Second style conundrum

    The choice seems more academic then... Smooth may bring more dimension to your standard that you may not have analyzed or thought about. Latin will make you more versatile overall, and it will have a positive impact on your smooth and show dances down the road. There really isn't a wrong choice...