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    Dance journal?

    Would anyone be interested in a ballroom dance journal? A colleague of mine is interested in creating one and is looking for feedback. Would you like to write about your dancing more? Does a dance journal with writing prompts interest you? Thanks for your feedback!
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    What is it like to be a traveling coach/judge/examiner?

    How much did it cost to open your studio? Do you own a franchise or independent studio? My boss has a penchant for paying to build out industrial spaces, so the landlords won't fund it. That's what he wants to do with the 2nd studio. Is it possible to make enough money and maintain a career as...
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    What is it like to be a traveling coach/judge/examiner?

    I am an experienced dance instructor and I am in the process of deciding what career path to focus on. My current boss wants me and my dance partner to help him open a 2nd franchise location in our area. He would own 50% and my dance partner and I would own 25% each. This will require a...
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    Stephanie Tan Latin Shoes 6.5 2.75" Lightly Used

    I wore these shoes for one dress rehearsal and one showcase, so the suede soles are slightly soiled. Otherwise in great condition, they're just too tall a heel for me. I'll include a shoe bag and I can send close ups and pics of the soles to those who are seriously interested. Only $25...
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    For Sale: Teal Smooth Dress, size S-M

    What size bra cups are included? Are they easy to remove? Is the fabric stretchy?
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    Ballroom Dancing Teachers College

    Thanks for your input! Did you get certified as part of the program? How long ago was this? How many students were in the class with you and what were there general demographics?
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    Ballroom Dancing Teachers College

    What does everyone think of the Ballroom Dancing Teachers College and their franchise program? I like their support of quality teacher training in the ballroom dancing industry. Does anyone here own a franchise or have you gone through the certification process? Is it a viable business model...
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    Best cities for employment for dance instructor

    I want to move from my dead end town and join a studio in an area with a larger ballroom presence. What are the best places? I have primarily been looking at Florida and the west coast. Thanks!
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    How much to open a Fred Astaire franchise?

    Nope, just feeling it out right now. Honestly, I can't really see any reason to open a franchise over a independent studio. I'm with a franchise right now, because the training is great (and paid), but I'll probably go independent when I have enough savings.
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    How much to open a Fred Astaire franchise?

    What's "the small side"?
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    How much to open a Fred Astaire franchise?

    Does anyone know how much (on average) it costs to open a Fred Astaire franchise? What is the general process and what are the benefits versus opening an independent studio? Thanks!
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    Apprenticeships/Trainee programs

    Asia most likely, but I am open to anywhere if they have ballroom opportunities available. I'm a dual British-American citizen, so Europe and the commonwealth would be good options in terms of visas. Thanks!
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    Apprenticeships/Trainee programs

    Hi all! I am an advanced American Smooth and Latin dancer and beginner instructor who is interested in traveling abroad for several months next year. During this time, I would like to study dancing, especially ballroom and wondered if anyone knew of any apprenticeships or trainee programs for...
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    Discounted Videos from Dance Vision

    Hi there! Do you still have credits available?
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    Older dress for sale, $200

    repeat post