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    Frankie Manning in Denver June 8-10

    June 8,9 10 2007 Frankie Manning! Once in a Lifetime Event! The Biggest Swing Dance Weekend of the Decade! Frankie Manning, 23 Skidoo, Jonathan Stout Orchestra. 4 Tracks of classes (one track is designed for those who have never danced Lindy Hop before.) One amazing weekend of dances, classes...
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    Lindy on the Rocks - August 4th-6th - Save the date!

    Hey guys! This years Lindy on the Rocks will feature TEN national (and international!) champion instructors and FIVE different tracks from beginning to masters! We'll also have some fun open competitions like a Jack & Jill and Couples Strictly. Discounted passes coming soon! Watch...
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    EC vs. WC music debate in a social setting

    I think having two separate nights would make the most sense
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    WCS to fast music

    Hey Ya Legend of a Cowgirl Some of Gwen Stefani's new music Fast Blues Dannii's All Star Joint bring it on I say
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    Where do you Lindy in Dallas?
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    The lead for tandem/behind the back-charleston

    Here's my problem with tandem charleston intros. First, I can lead them, but if my partner doesn't get that they need to fill the connection, forget about it. I can do the same move I described on the first page with various follows, but some don't get it. I will lead those first 6 counts as...
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    Dreaded Dance Partner

    I agree with what others have been saying. Just say no. Protect yourself from the potential abuse.
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    World Champion Boogie Dancers

    I think the answer is on yehoodi
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    Lindy City

    I would add Denver, but I'm biased
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    Sixcounts and eightcounts

    yeah, i'll second that.
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    The lead for tandem/behind the back-charleston

    Yes, it's a 10 count move. Lead's footwork: Rock step (LR), Kick step (L), Kick step (R), Kick step (L), Kick step (R). So, the lead is now ready to use the left foot. Follow's footwork: Rock step (RL), Kick step (R), Kick step (L), run run (RL), kick step (R). So, now the follow is synchronized...
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    Sixcounts and eightcounts

    Well, that is definitely something that comes with experience. That was basically my answer to this woman. However, she persisted with her questions. Maybe there isn't that perfect answer that she is looking for. Your response is entirely valid, but I doubt this woman would go for it.
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    Swing Classes in Arizona?

    loop up Dez DiPaulo. He co-runs the Reno Dance Sensation Event. Salsa, swing comp. I think he lives in Arizona.