Action figures for learning

In the video, the pole is needed so that the performer can dance the dummy by lifting its right foot. She can lift the dummy's left foot because she's in an embrace on that side, but needs the pole to have a connection to the dummy's right foot.
I think you have right and left swapped, but otherwise agreed. Another forum had studied this and one of the members built a mannequin like this one. They also agreed and built that one such that the right leg dangled (not completely freely, the knee had a 0 to 90 degree hinge, so it wouldn't bend backwards), and the left was directly controlled via a long ski pole.

While it makes for a great performance in the hands of an expert dancer, I don't think that mannequin would be a good teaching device. My thought was inspired by the video, but different and much simpler. Just get two long ski poles, attach them to two shoes, and nothing else, for a "partner" and try dancing steps that way.

I just grabbed two ski poles and gave it a try. I had to concentrate hard for things like weight shift and switching between parallel and cross systems -- maybe that was a good thing? The poles do limit how far you can have your "partner" dissociate. It was not as good as practicing with a living partner, but I think could be better than walking around and imagining the partner's steps (for a beginner, I think an expert can visualize the partner's steps accurately).

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