How old are you?

I'm curious of the age group in the Dance Forums.
A. 18 or below
B. 19 to 30
C. 31-40
D. 41-50
E. 51-60
F. 61-70
G. Over 70

I would be C (31-40). I'm 34 years old.
I gave ranges just in case you don't want to give your exact range.
I just wanted to say "hi" and welcome you to the forums!

I wish I would have started when I was 16. You'll be the best at your studio in a few years if you stick with it. BTW, in your profile, what is EMO?

Vince A

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Hi hermia13, and welcome . . .

Ditto on wishing that I was 16 when I started.

Info you . . . in our studio, we have a young lady that started when she was 12. She just turned 15, is an advance dancer in at least 8 dances, and, she is knocking on the door of turning "Pro" - if she didn't have to contend with school and if she could teach dance. She spends every spare minute in the studio, yet she finds time for many other social things in her life, plus time for her family and riding her horse.

How bad do you want it???


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This is really personal, but for the sake of statistical accuracy ...
I'm a C.

BTW most of my ballroom dancing cronies are C's or D's, as well.
Around here, there are two really active ballroom dancing demographics --
the college crowd, and the forty-somethings. Salsa folks seem to
come in all ages.
hullo everyone.
now, i didnt really see a 'introduce yourself' thread, so this will have to do.

i would fit into that A class. i will be 18 on monday.
i'm heavy into trad. jazz dance of the 20-early 40s, and have been into it for about 5 years.

i guess you could call me a lindy fundamentalist/separatist.

anyway, i'm adam. known as nocturne on other forums.
Ow, this is one of the most dangerous questions (after weight)..
But oki: Just turned 18.. :shock: Good thing I'm not the youngsta on here ;) This is what tends to happen most of the time. I have begun developing an inferiority complex already :lol:


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You're eighteen, and you're gorgeous. What more can a girl ask for? :D

In all seriousness, though, what sets you apart in this crowd is not how old you are, but whether you love to dance. And you obviously do.
*blushes severely*
I didn't expect that to come.. :oops: Thanks for the compliments, Pygmalion!! I can't say I necesserily agree, but I won't argue :))
and indeed, I love to dance. I really needed something hightened - and so I started to tango..

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