Is Tango Danced on the Falkland Islands?


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So, how do we reconcile Jantangos conversations with milingueros where they state they didn't show off? They won't fess up to a woman, but will tell it straight to a guy?
They fessed up to Mónica Paz (links higher up in the thread), and she definitely seems a woman to me.

But of course, what they'd tell Mónica and what they'd tell Jantango is coloured by their perception of Mónica and jantango and the context (which we're not part of), and what any of us would remember from exactly the same conversation is coloured by our own perception and pre-existing cognos.

Reminds me that I should watch Rash̄omon once more.


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What I've heard as dynamic is just that the embrace changes, opens, closes, flexes and is not static or fixed for the entire dance. I've not heard it to mean that it varies from one specific style to another specific style.
What I mean is that if the embrace is always VU-style like (i.e. joined at the leader's right with a variable amount of V and some extra room at the leader's right at some points in time but with the same connection points, and never 'headlight to headlight') I don't consider that very 'dynamic' even though the abrazo does change a bit.

I reserve the use of 'dynamic' to more radical changes within one track.


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... And when they weren't showing off their own dancing, they were positioning their follower to show her body (and booty) off to their rivals.
...Having the woman appear totally enamored of him (and being enamored of him) was part of a milonguero's goal, not just so he could potentially take her home, but so his buddies would see that he had won her over.(even if only for the length of the tanda)
...No-one could impress other milongueros by being a rude boor to other dancers. It was totally contrary to the suave and sophisticated image they were trying to create of themselves.
I've snipped out parts for brevity but all of Zoopsia's comments are in accord with what I've heard from the milongueros who travelled to my area, what I've read of their interviews & seen in their interviews with Monica Paz.

of course the reason for dancing the woman with her back to the tables was to protect her from bumps, but his buddies at the tables appreciated it too.

This was mentioned by a few dancers from Bs.As. usually mentioned when the teacher was talking to the guys, separate from the women. In one case his partner overheard him. She said "I don't want men looking at my butt when I dance". He smiled & said "men are looking at your butt if you dance or not".


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There's no need for you to 'retract' anything, or even to determine 'who's right'. Since showing off is such an ill-defined term, it's a futile debate anyway...

...given that the link allows anyone to see the primary sources and make up his or her own mind (without needing to be fenced in by the narrow confines of an argument), I'd simply encourage everyone to look at the interviews.

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Valentino reportedly learned tango from an Argentine room mate, and was a dance escort type in the fashionable dance places in NYC. What was put on film... Who knows?


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Is tango danced on the falkland islands?
I really don´t know, but at 1:01 Copes talks about an emergency landing on the malvinas...

By the way, I found this vid worth watching (though it´s lengthy at times) because the historical constellation of Copes-Piazzolla (nuevo dancing and nuevo music) became much clearer for me now.

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