Looking for a cell phone


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To be honest, I like DS's Windows Phone interface better than anything I've seen. Very, very easy. Not intuitive as much as familiar, if you've ever used a Windows-based product, which pretty much everybody has. And the tiles are really cool looking. *grin* My $0.02.

The least user-friendly phone I've ever had was my Blackberry. It came with a 72-page instruction manual and you need every single one of those pages.


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The main reason I'm looking to switch is an app availability thing. The impression I get is that iPhone apps are more, better, and less buggy than Android apps, due to the standardized operating system.
So...that pretty much rules out a Windows phone. My other option is a high-end Android, but BF has one, and it's still buggy.


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I'm not sure what you mean by buggy, since I 'm not big on cell phone apps, period. If I can dial the phone and occasionally listen to my music, I'm good, thanks.

But I do agree when it comes to the availability of apps. DS's Windows phone has a lot fewer apps than his old Android did. I'm operating under the (perhaps false) assumption that Microsoft will increase its offerings of apps, kind of the way they did with XBOX 360 software. (I can't remember when XBOX was introduced or whether you'd have been old enough to be aware of it at the time, but the initial software offerings for XBOX were LAME compared to the other gaming consoles. Not so much anymore.)


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It only applies to phones under contract. If your contract has expired you are free to do with it as you please.


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I am looking to replace my LG phone with a Smart phone. Any recommendations and if so what do you use yours for -apps other than phone/text/camera.
Someone said a Nexus 4 is the thing to get. are they worth it?



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The Nexus 4 is unlocked. I don't have that phone, but do have one like it; and having gone unlocked don't ever see myself going another way.


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I'm loving my iphone...have barely used my laptop a since I got it because I just don't need it...so great.
Yup smart phones are great. But I don't like the idea of being in contact to that extent every instant of the day. That's why no smart phone, still, for me.


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I love my iPhone, can't function properly without it, all my numbers / contacts there, I checked weather on it, rely on it for finding driving direction to comp venues( now the new iPhone iPad map even has a talking feature, so really works even better than traditional kind of GPS), use calculator from it to compute dress price if buy dress from foreign designer website. Use FB feature from it in idle time. Email, text work really great! The camera from 4GS has front and back lenses so I use the front camera as a mirror to apply makeup on the go without even need to bring a mirror! The camera comes with 4GS is good quality too, has both front and back camera, I use front camera for applying makeup on the go without even need a mirror! Also the calendar is handy!

You can also download handy applications such as translators, tripadvisor on it, really nice!

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