Man's Walk: Porteños and Panthers

Angel HI

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I have been reading, and not saying a word, however......

1. As mod, I feel that it is now becoming necessary to ask that we take this down a notch, and get it back on track. That track could be comparing/discussing personal/AT/BR differences... constructively, but should not get into techniques/styles/differences unless relevant to AT.

2. As a dancer/coach/adjudicator, I have studied dance for well over 2/3 of my life, taught BR/Latin for over 25+ yrs, danced AT since '85 (recognized by the BsAs Council of Cultural Affairs). Though it changes from week to week by demand, I have mostly been primarily AT for the past 10 yrs or so. This is not to boast, but only to speak to Peaches' post as one qualified to legitimately respond to some issues.

There are other threads in this forum that compare BR to Latin - amer to int'l, and debate the pros/cons of each. I do not believe that something will be accomplished by doing it again here unless it has some relevance to AT. In that regard, and in reply to a couple of posts....

1. leading/following in BR w/o the usage of hands (only body contact) is a very well used method of teaching... nothing unusual.
2. if one's preference is not BR/latin, that is ok, however, regardless of how many teachers one has had, or how many years one has had them, if someone has danced BR/latin, and not felt the joy of dancing, then they have had bad training. BR?Latin can be just as intense/touching/feeling/innate/connecting/personal as AT. One can prefer AT to BR/latin, just as one might prefer wheat bread to white bread, but its' all bread, and the same feeling of fulfillment can come from either.
3. I train many BR Smooth/Standard competitive winners, and Broadway show dancers, and have used/use AT to train all of them. The point is that AT has some core movement/dance fundamentals that are extremely pertinent to good BR, and if known, the dancer will a) dance better BR, and b) develop a better appreciation/fulfillment of BR.
4. I seriously considered Spectator's post about hiring 'Corky' to teach something in AT as a joke. Personal preferences notwithstading, based on his vids, and past experience, that would be an abomination.

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