Slavik Kryklyvyy e Hanna Karttunen


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Very unhappy that Slavik and Hanna are not appearing at Millennium as announced. Count me in as one who Slavik and Hanna were part of the clincher that convinced me to go to the comp.

And a children's salsa team? Oy.


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They are performing as part of 'Ballroom's Best', at the Vail International Dance Festival over the weekend. But I found out too late to go, unfortunately!


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I need to see what they're looking like, so badly!

My avatar is their picture in the programme for Vail, so that's pretty recent . . . they look so amazing, I just want to see them dance again!
syncopationator, I agree. The childrens' salsa was pretty good.

Becca, (I pm you).. do you know if they are dancing or danced (not sure when is filmed) in the World Superstars event in Japan?


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They aren't doing Super Stars this year. It is being filmed this weekend when they are in Vail. I heard during Blackpool that there are seven couples in the Latin this year, and also Carmen said that this is her last year there, so this should be one to remember!
Do you know who the couples this year are? I'm particularly interested whether Riccard/Yulia and Franco/Oxana would be in it, considering how they did in Blackpool.


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Max and Beata and Ricardo and Yulia are definitely doing it as they told my friend in Blackpool. Sergey and Melia are definitely doing it as they told me they were, as did Bryan and Carmen.

I think Michael and Joanna are obviously going to be there and that Peter and Kristina are also pretty sure to be.

I don't know who a seventh couple would be if that is true, but I would suspect Michael and Hidemi are likely as I'm sure they would love for a Japanese couple to do it. Also back in 2005 they asked Michael and Tebogo before they even danced any competitions.

Or perhaps as said before it could be Franco and Oxana. I for one would really enjoy to watch their show, if so!
No Franco & Oxana? Sad face. Although I'm definitely excited about the first two couples you mentioned. Love love love max's choreo.

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