So You Think You Can Dance - S7 - Week 2

A bit of a negative for me was Lauren's Wednesday performance. She danced well, but she was totally focused on the camera/audience and not on Ade. It reminded me of a performance given by a cheerleaders squad.

The two favorites for me were Kent and Alex.

Kent, while not perfect, was channeling professional latin ballroom in spades; the strutting, the facial expressions. This kid is just an absolute joy to watch.

Alex's performance had a powerful emotional impact that surprised me. That seemed to be missing from his Vegas week performances; glad he got his mojo back.

Three girls in the bottom three... starting with 5 girls and 6 guys... this season could turn into males only...

And just me, but the version of the song "Addicted to Love" used for one of the performances pales in comparsion to Robert Palmer's original.
I'm not a fan of Kent as everybody else seem to be.. In the beginning, he seem likeable, now I think he's just playing the personality factor to get votes.. and production/camera are really helping him in that department.

I commend him for really trying to understand the character of chacha and go for it, he did a decent job, but dont think it would not have been that great if it wasn't for Anna.


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I guess I'm the oddball who liked the Footloose interpretation.

Wasn't all that impressed with the snake piece, it was okay. I kept wanting to see more of this and that, more stretching, more continuity of movement, etc. That's one dance where I didn't agree with the judge's comments.

I thought Catherine's performance overwhelmed Adechike's in the office dance. He was kind of lost there, and there wasn't as much connection. It could have been awesome, was a great concept, but didn't work out due mostly to Adechike's failure to perform well enough.

Melinda pretty much sucked, but maybe I know too much about ballroom to comfortably watch a ballroom dance and not find faults everywhere. Of course I thought Kent did a much more reasonable job for an out of comfort zone dance. I don't much like Anya, but I think she helped him out a lot.

I'd have been happy with any of the bottom 3 getting kicked out, though I really dislike Melinda the most.

I guess first week right out of the gate, they didn't want to give anyone a kiss of death dance by putting in a standard dance, but I hope there is one next week.

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