SYTYCD week 4 of comp


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I wish they would just send Mollee and Nathan home instead of giving them more and more coaching on what they *should* be doing to make their supposed extremem talent come out, when they haven't really done anything great yet. If they haven't made their talent come out, then they should leave. It's been good to mediocre to quite bad with them, nothing great. Even the pop jazz routine I thought was frantic and not very difficult at all... Instead Channing has to leave when she just hit it out of the park with that bird number, which I thought was awesome! She was improving while Mollee/Nathan just get kudos for their supposed talent which they haven't yet shown...

I was afraid they'd send Karen home though because frankly her solos haven't been good at all but her other work has been QUITE good so I am glad they kept her because I think she can still grow on the show. I think Victor is a better partner for her than Kevin was. It would be harder for her to show up Victor who is a great technical dancer and it would push her more to try to:)

And yeah, I just LOVE Legacy and Russell!:)
same wavelength over here, totally...

dang, that legacy is pulling some stuff out!
I'm all for sending Mollee home, but I think Nathan could be incredible with a different partner. Right from the first week, he just hasn't looked comfortable with her, and based on his solos, and his solo work in their group numbers, I think he still has a chance to really WOW us.

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