Tango and relationship


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I have absolutely no problem with his dancing with other women.... I am experiencing an overwhelming aversion to dancing with anyone but him.
Congrats Lonnie, that´s so fine what you are describing that actually a lot of guys surely will envy your husband, I for one, do so! But one the other hand it really may be a hindering fact.

I dont know where you are living. But in Hamburg, where I come from, which is a town with 11 milongas a week, leading women are really common. So have you ever tried one? And take into account, leading women not necessarily belong to the other side! There are so much reasons and biographies that you also should be open tho this opportunity.


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leading women not necessarily belong to the other side!
[Tongue fimrly planted in cheek] Leading women have fallen to the Dark Side (especially if they're good).

Usually two less good followers to cabeceo at a milonga. That's a pretty grim prospect in my book. Yes, I'm being selfish (and jealous, because I'm a really lousy follower).

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