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prefers to separate and distinguish himself from other people. The disdain for other people's tastes is inherent in the definition of the word snob. There has to be some value scale implied. the unifying and dominant theme is his disdain for other people, and anger toward them.
And again, the diagnostic criteria for NPD leaps to mind. Add in the need for admiration from others, the grandiose self-view often not backed up with actual knowledge or credential, and the exaggeration to the point of outright fabrication, and you're there.
music is being ignored or being thought of as inferior.
The way I thought of it was a snob thinks in terms of ignoring or thinking of something as inferior because of the way they look at life and do it irrespective of their true feelings. Using this as your basis you can relate the definition of snob to anything that such behavior may apply too, both animate and inanimate.

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How did it become about being preferring one sort of music over another? How can one treat music rudely? The whole idea is about how one relates to and treats PEOPLE.
Further back in the discussion snobbish behavior was compared to making hard decisions. Relating that to a persons behavior I felt that where a person was being guided by their true feelings, even though that may appear to snobbish behavior, it was not.
Then relating this principle to music if a persons reaction to the music they hear is due to their feeling for the music even if it appears to be snobbish it is not.
So two people hear the same piece of music and make exactly the same negetive comment that may be considered snobbish. If for one that music really was an abonimation to their ears then their behavior would not be snobbish but if the other felt that was the right thing to say, so to speak, even though they though the music was OK, then that would be snobbish.

Hence it appears to me that what was being asked was, what was the motive behind the thoughts and comments of the possible snob, rather than the actions and words per se.


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People can do what they want. It would be nice if everyone teated everyone else with respect etc. but they don't. One can be a snob, it's one's own choice, but expecting none else to care is bit arrogant. People at my scene occasionally moan about the teachers/in crowd setting them sleves apart and only dancing with each other, but I'm not interested. Most of them don't look to be much cop anyway and I'd rather enjoy the milonga as a social occasion with dancing thrown in. Chances are not mny people have even noticed milongadicto's transformation.


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That is only his perception and it may only be one or two people who he used to dance with. We're not getting reality here, we are getting his perception of reality. Totally different.

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