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    Official Ballroom Song ID Thread

    YESSS!!! Thank you!!!
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    Official Ballroom Song ID Thread

    Can anyone tell me whose version of the Peter Gunn theme this is? youtube dot com/watch?v=E4Wl4T2LJ9A (Many thanks in advance!)
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    Foxtrot timing and heel turns

    p.s. it took me HOURS upon HOURS of repetition to get this to full speed. I took ~2-3mins to dance 4 beats when I started this.
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    Foxtrot timing and heel turns

    I quickly typed this up as a revision exercise on my part. This is what I try to do from feather into reverse into feather finish, YMMV. ------------------------------------- 4 (end of feather) - body in CBMP, right foot across body, weight on BALL of right foot, right heel OFF the ground...
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    Sticking to What You Know

    This doesn't just apply to dancing, it applies to all aspects of life really. Some people listen to what they are told, and strive to reproduce, to interpret, to please the authorities/coaches/"masters", as best as they can. However, they will forever be limited to the extent of imagination...
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    How high is too high? How low is too low?

    I measured mine in a similar manner out of curiosity - (I'm slightly hyperextensible) 18cm between knee/wall and tip of toe. I know I use about 90% of that when lowering, and my knees are well past my toes at a certain point in movement, (with the heel still on the ground). Before I figured...
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    Length of Routines

    My personal experience (i.e. ymmv) is that a) different comps and studios have different floor sizes, and the disparity can occasionally be huge, b) the (maximum) distance each individual figure covered changed significantly as my technique improved. When I started out, I'd be lucky (or...
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    Reverse Slip Pivot

    Maybe change up the pre-dance prayer and/or sacrifice? I find a ceremonial rain dance and/or plenty of sacrificial virgins seems to work well for me, but burning smelly stuff is frowned upon. (Sorry, couldn't resist :p ) Perhaps re-examine who is inside and who is outside of the turn, and the...
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    Brush step

    hmm... yes, i take the point about walking, though i would go further and say running instead, which appears to be what some couples are heading towards. but going back to the brush tap - how would it be led (without prior agreement or knowledge on the part of the lady), considering there is...
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    You should write a book!

    from an anatomical perspective, rotation does not equal sagittal. strictly speaking, movement along the sagittal plane is flexing/bending forwards and back. rotation, in anatomical terms, is still called rotation only.
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    Brush step

    change of direction of travel or rotation? perhaps for men, it can be compared to the outside change - do (or should) men brush feet, particularly if following with figure in closed position outside partner? about feet tracking, which this discussion has somewhat turned into - a question that...
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    You should write a book!

    If the dancers are each wearing one colour from head to toe, it can be visually difficult to work out torsion, etc. Considering the technical nature of this book, perhaps dress the man in a white standard practice top (long sleeves, black tie for emphasis of frontal plane and torsion) and black...
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    Expecting perfection?

    My personal view is that perfectionism is a dead end - there is no perfection (I refer to the Red Queen by Richard Dawkins for my explanation). However, I believe most of us realize when we can do better. Some react badly to that realization, throwing temper tantrums, giving up, acting out...
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    Int'l Foxtrot- More fluid? Less stiff?

    It sounds like you are holding your frame by bracing it (i.e. contracting every single muscle at almost maximum strength, for the duration of the dance). As a very simple illustration of how tiring this is, try squeezing a ball (tennis ball, golf ball, stress ball, any sort of ball really) as...
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    Top Couples Dancing both WDSF and WDC

    youtube dot com/watch?v=kraUx73hSb0 The first 10 minute or so are the solo foxtrots.