Dance Doldrums


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..... most days, being alive and well is enough.

Take that, Dance Doldrums:punch:
And other days? Not so much. Got back from my holiday where I did heaps of dancing, and had a marvelous time with my family. And it has rained, and rained and rained..... I can't seem to settle back into how I was, with solo practices and the very occasional blast with DH.... somehow, just. not. working. Maybe the cold and damp that is making me achey is partly the cause, but there is a deep abiding sadness that I am not even part of a dance community, and I miss the interactions.
Sure, I could start running a social group again, but when it gets to the stage that its not covering the rent,....nope.


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Not doldrums as such, but circumstances have dictated that I take a break for a few weeks. And right now I am OK with that. I needed the time to think about a few things. I was implementing a few changes in the plan before this happened, and this beak has given me confidence that I'm going in the right direction.

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