Do you like Piazzola?

Angel HI

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I agree with BTM that I helped pull this thread waaaay of topic and apologize.

Mario, if you want to start a new thread dealing with this I am willing to have civil discourse.

And there are a number of Piazzolla pieces I absolutely love to dance to, and some I don't even like to listen to. But I admire them all. Oh well.
How do you get the idea, that Tango de Salon is an older style than Milonguero?
..From years of teaching I can guarantee you, that very small playful Milonguero is quite hard to learn and dance, even when it looks like nothing from the outside - a lot harder than elegant Tango de Salon..
Whew, it's very reassuring when we can come back to, I don't need a new thread.. I have enough to deal with in my practicas each day. but thanks:raisebro:

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