DWTS Season 23


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They were being a little too kind with some of those scores... poor performance of one of my favorite cha cha songs. Nothing in it was just particularly bad, but there was a clear lack of effort in it.


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Anyone still watching the show? The semifinal was actually decent for everyone dancing. The over-scoring though is way out of hand it seems without Len there.


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Laurie is so over rated. I hate saying that about a 16 year old- I hate you show!
I love Calvin.
Miss Ryan andCheryl
Jana- whatever
James- glad to see sharna back
I just figured that they were scoring everyone about the same to make it mostly up to the viewer votes to decide. Perfect scores should NOT be that easy to get. Screwing up and still getting a 9?!? WTH.
Totally agree. I noticed the high semi-final scoring many seasons ago. Maybe it is intended to generate more excitement for the finals. Hype trumps substance. However, I am impressed how the some of the dance neophytes discover a natural talent and give us many enjoyable (and sometimes astonishing) performances.

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