Has anyone ever achieved gold status on most of the 10 styles in 1 year?

One was that of being able to edit your own mind to do whatever you wanted to do. The underlying principle of either do something or do not do it (Binary) was the underlying basis. I also eliminated concepts that humans made up like confidence, self esteem, nervousness and never felt a lack or cause of them ever again. Choosing to do something or not do it based on if it is worth doing was introduced instead.
This sounds like something I need, but I don't quite understand the binary principle you are talking about. How exactly can you edit your own mind? And how did you eliminate the made up concepts of confidence, self esteem etc.? Would you mind explaining that a little more?
I'm on the same circuit in the UK and I'd like to hear how it's going bc I don't see or hear much from UK dancers on either ISTD or IDTA medallist circuit online. I started competing after around 6 weeks so I think its just whenever you/your teachers feel like you're ready. I was chatting to a lady at last years blackpool who was dancing in gold star after a year of dancing which seemed a bit mad to me but good luck to her!!! I know a fair bit of non syllabus but I keep it for shows... I would not want to go head to head with people who have the experience to back it up!

Bit confused that he seemed to enter social dance test, pre bronze and bronze for his competition. AFAIK you're meant to compete in one category...? I know for the couples rounds they merge these categories together - is that what he meant I wonder? :pomp:

U35 Social Dance test is ridiculously hard. The standard for the final in blackpool for both latin and ballroom looked so high this year. My first few competitions I didn't get any recalls at all and then the most success I had was at blackpool finals that year. Now I do well in regionals and don't make much impact at blackpool lol. The medallist comps are set up to be pretty fair in terms of putting similar abilities and experience against each other but no system is perfect - don't forget if you competed at junior you can start adult comps at SDT, you might also dance uni circuit or open and still compete in a relatively low grade on medallist. Then there are people who are real newbies to dance but might have more time and money to put towards their hobby so progress comparatively faster. Or have a higher level partner that they practice for hours with. It's good to feel competitive and set goals but ultimately if you can walk away from the event thinking "I danced that as well as I could have done" you're doing well. :)

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