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There is a Video clips section at (www.grenobleswing.com) by Vinnie (Vincent Devin) (Grenoble is a town in France), this is a good selection that I enjoyed watching.

There is also a Video clips section at (www.allswing.org) (available after a free registration), as well as a web forum (french, english, world competition corner) where you can find Vinnie and others talking.


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The Gap commercial can be found here. I can't actually remember it ever being on tv...

w w w.swing-music.com/coolstuff.html
Oh yeah! The gap clip! Cool! You know, that commercial back in '98 was what got me to try dancing in the first place. I'd never swing danced until after I saw that commercial and I probably never would've either. That commercial changed my life! I'll have to download it when I get home for nostalia's sake.
Hmmm... That's funny. I don't remember that being the music to it. It doesn't feel like it fits. I'll bet they went through different iterations with different music...
Here is a film clip from the world championship 2008 in Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, and Bugg (Bugg is a Swedish swing dance)

In bugg competitions coreografy is normally not allowed, they don't know in advance what songs will be played!, the final in bugg in this competition is seen around time point 43:58-52:30 (first a slow round, then a quick round, my favourites were the guy with black and red clothes = Benjamin Österlund, and the girl with white trousers and a red top = Angelika Källström, they got the silver medal in this particular competition, but yesterday they won the Swedish Championship in bugg for the second time)

More bugg film clips can bee found at
Click "Diverse"
Then click "Film"
Then click "Bugg"
Then click"Myt"
(For your information "SM" is short for Svenska Mästerskapen = Swedish Championship)

If you insted choose "Lindy" the film clip of the dancers Mikaela Hellsten & Oskar Markusson is showing the persons who yesterday won the Swedish Championship in Lindy hop, although the film clip from yesterday have not yet (today = 4 May, 2008) been added but I am sure the film clip from the Swedish Championship final will be added soon!!
I have a lot of great ones, but alas, I cannot post links in the forum because I don't have 100 posts. Anyway, just go to YouTube and find the channel called "JS Nashville." There are tons of fun, promotional swing dance videos that one of my good friends produced. "A Gal from Jump Session" is probably my favorite.

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There's also an interview of Jean Volez that Rusty Frank did, and I ran across it yesterday. May visit Rusty's Rhythm Club when I visit LA later this year.

I like this fuller rendition of the scene, putting the dance into context.
I would like to share with you all a fab little video that will have you dancing your way through my home city Florence, Italy... (or at the least set your foot incessantly tapping)!

This video is for the I Charleston the world series, but it's the only one in which they dance Charleston and not Lindy Hop!!!
Enjoy and Share!


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