What makes a waltz a waltz for you?


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I'm not sure what you mean. While they don't call it "new" ballroom, people in ballroom dance to modern popular songs all the time. Same thing with swing. There are certainly venues that only play period music, but in my area it's not uncommon at all to throw in some current rock music. Moves are invented (or reinvented) all the time.

As far as labels go, perhaps it is just because there is a strong traditionalist movement in tango.

Music evolves. Dance evolves. Art evolves.
Believe it or not, I was a Nuevo move monster at one point.
I absolutely believe it. Converts are always the most zealous, and the tone of your posts sounds very much like that of a reformed smoker.

I can actually lead volcadas, colgadas, piernazos, etc. I just haven't led any of those in over a year. At some point, my mind decided these open embrace moves done to some ambient music weren't as satisfying as moving in close embrace with a lovely lady to some good tango music.
Good for you - and for what it's worth, I mostly agree with you.

But these are personal preferences, they're not "Good vs Evil".

I don't begrudge people their nuevo dancing;
Good of you.

I'm just curious why this seems to be solely a tango phenomenon.
It's not.

Every dance scene has similar controversies.

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