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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    We danced the end of our showcase routine tonight. Only once, and not very well, but -- WE MADE IT TO THE END. :wacky:
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    How to deal with slick shoes

    :eek: If David Hamilton slipped on it, then it must have been like wet ice... I prefer fast floors, so I seldom do anything with my shoe soles. On those rare occasions when I'm wearing an old pair of shoes that have lost all the suede, and I think thinks are getting out of control, I go...
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    This. On the rare occasions that my partner and I get to practice together these days, there's always the discussion of "what do we know well enough to practice without our instructor?"
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    winter olympics 2018

    Two opposites that are both strangely attractive: curling, and short-track speed skating. I'm also enjoying watching the women's hockey this year, a lot more than the previous times that it's been played in the Olympics. The level of skill and competition is vastly improved, not just in the...
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    Form a new word by changing one letter

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    Releasing and catching weight in Ballroom forward and backward motion

    As I was taught it, it's the proper technique for the 3 step in waltz... you "slide down the hill" from the rise on 2.
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    exposing too much when dancing

    Yeah, when you do still photography of a dance event, you'll find afterwards that you have managed to catch a wide variety of embarrassing and unflattering poses, that nobody noticed in real time because they were momentary events. I've seen it many times. Needless to say, I don't show those...
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    Surviving the apocalypse

    I just got rid of a large collection of packaged plastic forks / knives / condiments (the little packages you get with take-out food), by means of taking them to the office and leaving them in the kitchen.
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    That's exactly the right attitude. Concentrating on a few things at a time makes progress a lot faster. And once you have a grounding in some fundamentals, you'll find that learning new material is easier.
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    Yesterday, we nearly got to the end of our routine! Seven more weeks.
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    Surviving the apocalypse

    Somewhat seriously, a few months ago we did a garage and utility room cleanout. I realized that I had several reels of cable left over from building the house, including about 700' of RG6 coax that I'm never going to use. Gave it all to a veterans' charity.
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    Surviving the apocalypse

    J-B Weld. You need that too, and then you're all set.
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    Surviving the apocalypse

    At the moment, in our house, it's leftovers. This morning, DW told me, "Take this cup of soup for lunch. If you don't eat it, it's going to go bad in the next few days." I told her, "I'm already taking this container of spaghetti that's going to go bad if I don't eat it. And then we've got...
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    Annoyed at influx of newbie couples to the dance scene

    Sometimes when we see that a newbie couple isn't dancing with anyone else, myself and one of my experienced female dancer friends will go up to the couple, introduce ourselves, and then ask them both for dances. I think approaching them as a couple seems less threatening; one spouse doesn't...
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    Five Letter Game