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    Dance Doldrums

    Not doldrums as such, but circumstances have dictated that I take a break for a few weeks. And right now I am OK with that. I needed the time to think about a few things. I was implementing a few changes in the plan before this happened, and this beak has given me confidence that I'm going in...
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    Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3

    We went directly from winter to summer this week.
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    The tao of the telemark

    This Monday, I finally admitted it to myself: every telemark I have ever done has been crap. Am partner and I are working on a routine in which we have a closed telemark and two telemarks from shadow position. No matter which one, whenever I've done one, nine times out of ten, what I lead with...
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    Whining Thread #2

    I think I had norovirus last week. I got sick Thursday afternoon and was unable to get out of bed Friday. Some muscles in my abdomen are still sore from heaving. I thought it was food poisoning, but now DW has it and she's experiencing the same symptoms. :( She thinks two other ladies that...
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    Whisk in American Smooth

    I use the closed twinkle when I dance bronze, which is usually on Friday night with a beginner follow. It's a fairly easy step for a beginner. I don't know how I would use it dancing silver.
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    How do you eat before a comp/ showcase?

    Just did a showcase last weekend. It started at 6 PM. I ate a normal breakfast and lunch, but didn't eat dinner until after the show.
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    First competition.

    Honestly, for your first comp, placements just aren't worth worrying about. You'll have your hands full just figuring out how to read the program, figure out when you're supposed to be on the floor, and work out doing your events on a strange floor to music you've probably never heard, not to...
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    Replacing Rumba in American style with Hustle

    The day that happens, the controversy will begin: 3-count or 4-count?
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    An exodus of male students from my dance school

    You are wise to view your relationship with your instructor as nothing more than a pleasant business relationship. Enjoy it, but do keep in mind that for her, it's a job. And yes, the day that her employment at that studio ends, that will probably be the end of your relationship with her...
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    Too much routine reliance

    The short answer is: Yes, it's that hard. The slightly longer answer is, it's not a big deal to change choreo as such -- but it's hard to get it to the point where it's a championship-level dance every single time you do it. A lot of WCS (not sure about country) competition is jack-n-jill...
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    Viennese Waltz: The Close Body Contact is Insane

    Dude, she violated your boundaries. You didn't consent to that; she just did it. Not cool. Never, ever go into a body contact position unless you know your partner is cool with it. That goes for everyone, including instructors. It it never necessary to dance in body contact in any ballroom...
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    Translating dance classes to real social scenarios

    Be advised that, in general, unless the couple getting married are themselves dancers, wedding receptions usually make pretty lousy dance venues. The dance floor will be the size of a postage stamp; the DJ won't know much about dance music, there will be drunks everywhere, and inevitably at...