Enough Classes

I believe this to be, popular, but incorrect. I believe it should be, "...but what's most important is deciding what works for you. Yes, credibility (of given teacher) has a place, but this is very easy to see. There are certain fundamentals of movement necessary to achieve the improvisational, yet technically correct, freeformed evolution, yet becoming syllabutized (out of necessity), feel and structure of AT. These fundamentals are not a mystery. There is a proper way to stand, walk, use the feet, etc. This has to do with basic health and physics rather dance. Either a teacher has these or doesn't. Past that, it is all, not a matter of who has more credentials, or reputation, or work, rather who is teaching something that works for me (me being whomever), and, later, me and partner.
I don't see a conflict between the two statements. This seems like a reasonable way of determining whether or not to trust a teacher. I certainly wouldn't advocate blindly trusting just anyone who professes to be a tango master! I've seen too many dancers with a lot of potential spoiled because they put too much faith in the wrong instructor.

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