Rhythm and Smooth at Blackpool 2017


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All of us are highly amused, though, at the thought of Arunas and Katusha needing to dance from the first qualifying round next year.
I wasn't aware that once you missed a year you had to start all over again. I thought it was a once-and-forever thing. Perhaps I didn't read the rules properly.
This is going to be so funny.
Do you (or anyone) know why they didn't dance this year?


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Arunas posted on Facebook that Katusha had a really bad stomach flu. :(
Sad. Seems she's well now though...Karina Smirnoff's IG stories showed them doing a bunch of shows in Lithuania only yesterday.

It would have been awesome to see how their presence would have affected not even the overall placements, but the distribution of first place marks...
Actually, just caught up with this. Watched re-play of pro-am first day. Smiled as i watched Pro dance with 6 ladies...from early on to evening. RAH RAH RAH, basically, all made the semi-finals in their disciplines. I'm sure he could train for a marathon now and it wouldn't bother him. lol. Thank goodness for the replay option.
That was my teacher. He would only go with a minimum of 5 of us. We had a blast!!
Don't get me wrong. I'm not surprised. And goodness knows that travel costs will be the bigger difference between it and an major US-based comp.

I have to say. I turn 40 next year and had been serious considering seeing if I could swing USDC in celebration. This may just be another option. :D

My non stop flight from Los Angeles was $800. But my B&B (a couple of blocks from the Winter Gardens) for 6 nights came to only $300!! And of course I bought tickets and stayed for as many days as I could before I had to come back to the real world to write programs so that I could make money to buy dance lessons and food (but mostly dance lessons).

Also, because the number of rounds was a complete unknown I entered both Single Dances and Championship. Quarter for each. However, single dances are not required (unless they change it) and next year there will be so many more people that I have no intention of doing both which really cuts down the cost significantly! Factoring in the cheap hotel, this comp was barely more expensive than USDC or Holiday Dance Classic for me. Of course it is a significant factor whether your teacher will already be there, and if not, how many other of his/her students are going.

Championships are by decade like Single Dances in the US which means your teacher can dance with more students.

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