Rhythm and Smooth at Blackpool 2017


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I admit that was a big part of why I decided it just wouldn't make sense for me to do the comp this year despite my earlier post in this thread. With the apparently lack of combined-gender events, it seemed alarmingly likely that I'd dance uncontested. Looking at the results, I would have actually had some competition, but I'm still inclined to think that getting my butt kicked by the crowd at Emerald and USDC will be a more productive use of this year's competition budget.


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I figure there's a reasonable chance they'll eventually offer amateur smooth as an event. Hopefully senior smooth. That happens and I can find a partner, I figure that'll be the time to pull the trigger on the competition. (Pro-am included) :)
Did he roll too? I saw him do that once and I literally cringed. Bless his partner... I wouldn't let my partner (amateur or pro) do that.

It's a shame too because I really like them as a couple, and I absolutely despise their Mambo because of it.
*sigh* I love their Latin, but their Mambo also makes me cringe....

Rhythm at Blackpool was kind of sad to me- not having Nazar and Irina there was just part of that.

That being said- the smooth pros went all out, and the energy was WILDLY HIGH!!! And although it was not typical for them to be 2nd, the Tufts showed up in a BIG way and their second place was well deserved (in my amateur opinion)!


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After Andrea and Sara were announced as winning the waltz, the relief they must have felt must have been absolutely overwhelming. (A group of us were watching the livestream and screamed when that result was announced. :eek::eek:)

I would have screamed if I was in your group.

Due to some annoying reasons I couldn't buy the livestream from my location so I was seriously stalking every single person I could on social media for every tiny scrap of news...some people have no Idea how one careless Instagram story quenched my thirst for information...LOL. But of course, activity peaked on pro Latin night and slumped thereafter...

Just checked scrutelle. A&S had 7 1s, 3 2s, and 1 3 in the waltz. That's not even a narrow win. They must have upped their game a lot. I generally like it when the 2nd couple steals one dance. But the results were pretty toughly contested overall...tango even had 6-3-1-1 first places spread across the top four couples in that dance.

Next year is going to be so good...*rubs hands gleefully*

Oh wait...there's the Internationals coming up...


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The results were exciting across the board. Valerio and Monica tied with Domen and Natascha, R11 tiebreak for 3rd and 4th, and same for Marat and Alina with Alexander and Irina.

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