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VW -
Playing With Fire -
Thomas Rhett and Danielle Bradbery

(however other female artists have also sung this part). This song is mesmerizing, love it.
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Samba (102 bpm):

Clean Bandit
Rockabye ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie (2016)


All About Tonight (2016)
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can we keep the videos in the "not more than a year old so they title of the thread makes sense" category?
One year is unnecessarily restrictive, especially with the way the
music industry and music distribution works.

It's not uncommon for great/good songs to be "re-released" because
its original distribution was not commercially successful/popular, more
out of bad marketing and distribution channels than the songs/artists

Many songs are released in different versions, and certain version are
great while others are not so. The versions often occur over a time

Some songs are first released in different geographic regions such as
Europe, before the local area.

Song producers/marketers/distributors often purposely market songs
in waves, such as when many songs in a single album/CD/package
are all "good" and they want the artist to retain positions on the charts
for a long time. Radio airplay of an artist's songs is hence staggered,
even when they were released together at the same time.

It takes time for DJs/events to get around to play some music, and
hence audiences may not get exposure to the music the same year
it is released. Songs also sometimes traverse genres and hence
a particular population may not hear them on first release.

It takes time for people to post music/songs on the Web, such as
on Youtube.

Hence, the "original release date/year" may often have little
correlation to the "newness" to the audience.

I think 3 years is a very reasonable time for "new" songs to reach
the appropriate appreciating audience.
One thing I've noticed in the prioritizing of "newness" over
"goodness" is in the selections of several of the local WCS
DJs. It seems a lot of current "top 40" music gets played
more because they are just new than because they are "great."
So, (stretches of) music often sounds very monotonous
because fads get locked in trends.

But, then, a lot of dancing is perpetuated that way as well.

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It is not unnecessarily restrictive. Because the title of the thread is NEW SONGS. 2013 is not new. Can you imagine coming back in 2020 and posting BM's Uptown Funk in a thread called new songs? If a song has been remixed and released by a NEW singer in the past year, fine it is a 2016 new version of a 1989 song. But posting versions of songs that are several years old is not the point of the thread.

And BECAUSE it takes awhile for songs to migrate THAT is exactly the point of the thread. To share songs that have not had time to migrate yet. So posting old songs that HAVE migrated is pointless.

If you would like to start a thread called "remember these songs from 2010?" Go right ahead.
Thumbs - Sabrina Carpenter (2016)
There's a bit of an intro before the beat is really clear
youtube .com/watch?v=roFCeI4Zroo

Fresh Eyes - Andy Grammer (2016)

youtube .com/watch?v=xipU1hxO_nk
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Slightly obsessed with shape of you by ed sheeran for a samba. It has quite a sparse rhythm but it reminds me of cheap thrills which is great to dance to. There's a few "dancesport remixes" floating around on youtube but I like the original the best.

Ed Sheeran
Shape of You

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