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Heartache on the Dance Floor - Jon Pardi - 2016
When I first heard this catchy tune on the radio, I thought the lyrics were "Where she ate, Where she ate," which naturally made it more meaningful if the main theme would be "Heartburn on the dance floor" rather than "Heartache." That country twang threw me off.

It's been a long time that I've been mesmerized/moved by just watching for the first time someone (partner) dance... unfortunately because of the loss of innocence from being too critical due to too much exposure to dance lessons/training/observation. However, I am often amazed/amused by how some dancers improve at exponential rates.

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Foo Fighters come out of nowhere with this new one "Run" that runs the gambit from Viennese Waltz, merengue, and nightclub two step. It's the hardest that I've ever heard them.

Foo Fighters "Run" medley 2017


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