Looking at cleavage

Fast learner! You didn't even need 28 years of marriage to learn that whatever we do, we're wrong.
Not so fast actually.

I was thinking that right or wrong I'd do my own thing.

The dance scene in Orange County -- meaning the studios and teachers -- can get cut-throat. Check out Nancy Lester's "This Week in Dance" page at http://www.ocdance.com/thisweek.html. Then go to the Google Maps at the bottom of the page. That's an insane concentration of studios. And then every weekend you have several different dances competing with each other. There are only so many dancers here and too many venues vying for them. And of course the ones who don't know how to dance have the Lemondrop Club's weekly dances to go to (ie, free-style; I've never gone, because I doubt very much whether I'd find any women who can dance).
That's a lot. There are at least two at Lemondrop who can dance. They used to go to Avant Garde a lot and I suppose got drawn away by the dark side lol. I suspect that they may show up at Cooper's Halloween dance Friday. Probably a fair amount of cleavage will be there, to keep on topic. :rolleyes:
...pssst, Sagitta is a guy, so I hope you're not expecting him to show photos of himself in a little black dress.

(seinfeld) Not that there's anything wrong with that. Lol! (/seinfeld)
I pretty much picked up on that, but thanks.

And who knows, dim lighting and a little wine, maybe Sagitta looks not too bad in that dress.

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