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no...if I was really a goddess, I would not have the myriad of other needs for plastic surgery and several other issues would have been resolved by now ;)
you still can be - of the greek kind, not the later invincible/perfect ones. The greek gods were subject to all sorts of trials and tribulations, indeed these were escalated in proportion to their powers.
Anyway, for the sake of completeness as I started this thread asking these questions I may as well give my final opinion. That and I'm a bit leery of how well it will be received which as far as I'm concerned is a reason to give my opinion, not withhold it.

Many women also call attention to their cleavage via strategic hand gestures, adjusting clothing, leaning forward and the like. Being noticed by a man can also elicit these behaviors. Being noticed by a man can also elicit women covering themselves up. Also the above behaviors may not mean a darn thing and most women are not going to announce to us men exactly what they are doing and why. This uncertainty just goes along with flirting. So sometimes a man will look and the woman will feel uncomfortable. Sometimes a man will look and the woman will like it. Please note I am not referring to leering here. I did not say leering lol.

See no one ever told me about this part of life and I was very surprised to find out about it. I still don't think any woman has really confirmed it for me but I believe it to be true. Anyway according to my experience I judge it to be true.

I may have missed a few disclaimers, it's difficult to hit them all around here lol. (Yeah, that was a bit of a poke in the DF ribs lol)


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Hey, Tacad/MostlyBallroom (I hear that a lot of the ballroom action is at Atomic now; I'm there mostly for Lindy, having followed Shesha there). Do we guys understand what's going on in re cleavage? I assume not -- at any rate, I don't, since I'm clueless. Do the women know what they're doing with cleavage? Maybe, maybe not. I think that they have some idea what they're doing, but I don't know that all of them have thought it all through. While I'm sure that some of them have.

But what do I know? I'm clueless. It's my only defence.

With all my dance partners, I try to be polite. Cleavage or no cleavage, I assume nothing. If they seem to be doing something that could be interpreted as flirty, I politely play along, but I never try to read anything into it. I mean, I do have mirrors and I do know how to use them. I do realize that any actions that might possibly seem be provocative or flirtatious couldn't possibly be so construed, at least where I am involved.

Or should I quote the great Inspecteur Jacques Clouseau? "Assume nothing! Suspect everything!"

Then there was an incident at a salsa concert in Fashion Island where two women I knew were dancing with each other (a very frequent event locally, from what I have seen). A hook of one woman's vest snagged with the other woman's sweater. To save the sweater, I put my hands to both of their backs to prevent them from trying to pull apart and I instructed the one woman's daughter to reach in and unsnag them. I mean, there I was standing with two very remarkable cleavages before me (and I am not exagerrating in the least bit), and that was my primary concern and my course of action. After they had been disengaged safely, I did a double-take on one of their cleavages, because the vest was arranged to reveal a lot of the bra's lace. It took me a couple seconds before I finally realized that she had arranged it that way on purpose. Problem solved.

So if anything might possibly be construed, when it involves me then it must mean nothing and I operate accordingly. I am, after all, clueless. It is my only defense.

[Note: Refer to A Christmas Story when the yellow-eyed bully attacked and the kid brother just fell to the ground motionless. It was his only defense, as the narrator noted.]

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